Program Management

Executive-facing critical programs - we focus on hard projects, not easy ones

We get called to do the hard things: programs in trouble, teams dealing with "personalities" who are creating obstacles, challenging politicized environments...or, simply programs that are important, executive-led, and highly-visible. Success requires tenacity, leadership, team-building, strong program management skills and an in-depth understanding of how to maintain executive support, sponsorship, and focus.


Technical and business driven programs - and especially projects that require both

We often work on the seams between business and technical work, and we can speak the languages of each. We are comfortable in the world of metrics, dashboards, scorecards, analytical models, portfolios, and strategic plans. But, we're also comfortable with systems architecture, data architecture, database schemas, software and other engineering.


Programs in specialized environments like FDA-regulated or highly technical

FDA-regulated industries have unique requirements related to systems and business processes, such as in labelling, quality management, training, and approvals. We have led a variety of work in biotech/pharma, and to lesser degree, medical devices.

We also work comfortably in tough, highly technical environments that may "eat" consultants for breakfast. We've seen it. But our founder cut her teeth in those types of environments; she likes the fast, intellectual, on-your-toes feel to them.